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We have 2 new books available!

Doug's is called
"A Second Helping",
and Norvene's is
"Re-Visioning Thoelogy: A Mythic Approach to Religion".

See our books page for more information.

Welcome to the website of Norvene and Doug Vest...


Taking a cue from the title of one of Doug’s books, we hope you’ll enjoy “sauntering” with us through our various involvements.  You may wonder what a “composury” is: it’s a word we created to describe the little out-building where Norvene had her office in our southern California home. Presumably not only did she compose books there, but she also experienced composure in its secluded setting!  So we adopted the word as a key part of our collaborative name: Composury Colleagues.  

Now we have moved to lovely Charlottesville, Virginia, and changed our website accordingly. Our site speaks to the many exciting facets of our mutual ministries, especially those of writing; workshop, retreat and pilgrimage leadership; spiritual guidance; and an overall commitment to live in a contemplative manner, including a rhythm of action and rest, reflective reading and conversation, intellectual inquiry, and regular devotional time.

We are happy to offer photographs of our new setting at Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge (Mountains), or WCBR. The area holds the homes of Presidents Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe, as well as the prestigious University of Virginia. Various photographs are interspersed with some of Doug’s poetry and reflections on our various ministries.

We hope these views and notes will bring you some of the wonderful gift of shalom, the fullness of peace. 

-Norvene and Doug Vest.


Our Previous and Current Settings..





The "Original Composury".
(Click for larger view)  



Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge


Hot and humid night!
not our choice for sleeping,
so there we were, up early –
no Saturday sleep-in –
sitting on a bench outside
with coffee;
and the two of us
just happened to be facing east.

The sunrise was spectacular!
making early rising most worthwhile.
Talking about it later,
we couldn’t decide which to rate tops:
enjoyment of the sunrise,
or experiencing the two of us
watching the spectacle together.


One of the lobbies at WCBR


I don’t recall
when or how
I first became aware of my existence.
But, whenever it was,
I was already here.


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