The Composury
of Doug and
Norvene Vest

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Our Latest Books

What is Your Practice? Lifelong Growth in the Spirit, by Liz Forney & Norvene.

Descriptions and examples of spiritual practices long honored in Christian traditions, as updated for contemporary life.

lifes flow

Life’s Flow, by Douglas.

Playful pondering life’s mysteries and wonders.

Entering the Mystery

By Douglas.

More approachable original poems -- ruminations on mystery entering each life, not as puzzles to be solved but as wonder to be embraced.

By Norvene, Rowman & Littlefield.

Rooting life in the disciplines of silence holy reading, and a daily rhythm of prayer.

By Norvene, Rowman & Littlefield.

Integrating work and faith through Benedictine insights about call, care, and mutual service.

By Norvene, Rowman & Littlefield.

Exploring our deep hunger for fullness of life by "translating" ancient insights about wisdom, virtue, ethics.

By Norvene, Church Publishing.

Probing new horizons in the field of spiritual direction, with an illustrious group of contributors.

By Norvene, Church Publishing.

Spiritual direction as seen from varying faith traditions, including different Christian streams, worldwide faith traditions, and special spiritual views.

By Norvene, Church Publishing.

A devotional commentary widely used by Benedictines and others seeking to pray Benedict's Rule daily.


By Norvene, Source Books.

Stories based on Pope Gregory's life of Benedict retold for the young at heart; Illustrated by Fr. Maur, OSB.

By Norvene, Upper Room Books.

A way of opening up sacred texts in small group settings.

re visioning theology

By Norvene, Paulist Press.

Probing new horizons in the field of spiritual direction, with an illustrious group of contributors.


Deep Treasures from Retreat, by Douglas

Ideally designed for individual or group retreats—poetry and related scripture.


Luminous Island, Wondrous Self, by Douglas

Explorations of nature on the island of St. Croix reveal fresh insights about Christian selfhood, with illustrations by Anna Galloway.

a second helping

A Second Helping, by Douglas, Cedar Creek Publishing

An appetite for living responds to life review in poetry as it is richly served in recollections.


Churchianity Lite by Douglas.

A long loving look at the beloved institution where Christians worship God — to see clearly in the presence of the Holy One who is both sustainer and challenger.


On Pilgrimage, by Douglas

Making the shift from touring to pilgrimage, with eight “how to’s” to accompany the traveler.


Pathways to Self, by Douglas

Sure you can get lost in wandering, but recall discoveries you’d not expected, when you were found—by you—deep inside.


Homes for the Heart, by Douglas.

100+ original poems - ranging from serious to whimsical - with related scripture for individual and group discussion.


Why Stress Keeps Returning, by Douglas

Plumbing the spiritual roots of stress to nurture enduring disciplines that minimize life’s pressure.


Sauntering Into Holiness, by Douglas.

Twenty reflective vignettes about desert hiking affirm God’s presence in everyday life; illustrated by Fr. Maur, OSB

NOTE: For previous Vest books now formally out of print, please check by author's name.


Multimedia from the Vests

Contact us to purchase these DVDs.

Creating Spiritual Connection: Six Challenges to People of Faith (DVD)

Genuine community is central to a full faith life. In this presentation, Norvene offers six essential characteristics of supportive of communities of faith.

Streams of Christian Spirituality (2 DVD Set)

Exploring six differing streams of Christian experience, including Benedictine, Celtic, Carmelite, Franciscan, Jesuit, and Reform

Streams of Christian Spirituality

Clips from the DVD

What Was Good Today?

At the family dinner table,
seldom was there nothing to present
by us four individuals!
“What was good today?” was shared
in supportive appreciation,
what had captured us the hours before.
In any case,
conversation stimulators,
and co-writing
of our lives together.